SOLVED: Sears Solution

“We felt like we had taken all the necessary steps that Sears required. We just weren't getting anywhere.”

Have you ever had your refrigerator break down? It’s a terrible feeling. With all your food at stake, you want to get that fridge fixed as soon as possible. But for Becca and Dana Flowers, things quickly took a turn for the worse.

They had gotten their refrigerator from Sears, so when it stopped cooling that’s where they called to get it fixed. At first, it seemed like everything was going fine. Sears sent out a technician who diagnosed the refrigerator with a bad compressor, so they shipped a new compressor. But when the new compressor was installed, the fridge still wasn’t cooling.

After the new compressor didn’t get the fridge cooling, Sears determined that the new compressor they sent was broken. Over the next few weeks, Sears sent out two more compressors, one evaporator coil, and a fan. But none of it worked. The refrigerator was still no cooling. By now, Becca and Dana were starting to lose their cool, too.

What Responsibility Does Sears Have?

Sears offers coverage for its appliances, for a fee. There are different types of coverage that provide varying degrees of protection. The common factor is that Sears will not replace a product unless they have determined it to be unrepairable. A quick search online will tell you that plenty of Sears customers have struggled with just that provision. Many technicians don’t want to declare an appliance unrepairable. Some even fear retribution in the workplace if they do.

That didn’t sound right to us!

Becca and Dana didn’t feel like they were getting anywhere with Sears. That’s when they decided to call TrustDALE. With a little pressure from our team, Sears eventually did the right thing and sent Becca and Dana a new refrigerator.

But it shouldn’t take Dale to get Sears to do the right thing.

Sometimes, when you’re working with a large company like Sears, it can seem like you’re getting nowhere. That’s what happened in this case. You can always contact TrustDALE if you have a problem with a company that isn’t doing the right thing. But if you want to avoid problems from the start, we recommend you start your search for any service at where our certified businesses are all investigated, reviewed, and have agreed to treat their customers the right way the first time.

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