Traffic tickets can be a huge annoyance. Many people just pay the ticket. But did you know that when you pay you are admitting guilt? That could put points on your license and raise your insurance premiums significantly, costing you a lot more than the face value of the ticket.

But if you want to get a ticket reduced or dismissed, you have to go to court and fight it. That means a whole morning or afternoon of missed work, navigating downtown traffic and parking, and dealing with a complicated court system that is definitely not user-friendly. And in the end, you may not get the ticket dismissed or reduced at all!

What if we told you there is an easier way? Dale has a lifehack for you that could save you time and money on your next traffic ticket.

Recently, one of our TrustDALE producers got a ticket for $250. Not wanting to spend the time and energy on going to court, he looked for another way out. What he found was a proxy service called TIKd offered to go to court for him and take care of the ticket. They also guaranteed that there would be no points on his license, which means no change to his insurance premiums. They did all this for $245, slightly less than the face value of the ticket.

It sounded like it was too good to be true, so we decided to investigate.

30 minutes before his court date, our producer got a text message that the ticket had been taken care of. That seemed a bit suspicious, so we called the courts. Sure enough, his ticket has been put into a program called PTIT, Pre-Trial Intervention – Traffic. The fine was reduced and once it was paid the ticket was dismissed. And our producer didn’t have to lift a finger.

To get more information, we contacted TIKd to find out how their program works. Here’s what we found out:

TIKd is not a law firm, and they do not offer legal advice. But they do work with lawyers. Once TIKd receives your ticket, it is assigned to a lawyer who will take care of everything. You pay no fees. Not to the lawyer, not to the courts, not to anyone else. TIKd handles it from start to finish.

They can do this because they have three advantages over the average person who receives a ticket:

  1. The Law of Large Numbers - TIKd deals with lots of tickets, so they have a pretty good idea, on average, or what’s going to happen with your ticket. We can figure out what it’s going to cost us, and because our costs are usually lower than the ticket amount, we can pay the lawyer fees for you.
  2. Economies of Scale - If you had to hire a lawyer for your ticket case, the cost of the lawyer would be higher than the cost of the ticket. But because we deal with lots and lots of tickets, we can negotiate with lawyers to get better rates.
  3. Technology - TIKd is a technology company. They have advanced technology that makes it easy for them to process and monitor lots of tickets. When TIKd handles a ticket, they can do it much more efficiently than the average citizen trying to do ti themselves.

TIKd has some great advantages and guarantees. 

The most significant advantage is convenience. Just take a photo of your ticket and upload it to TIKd and they’ll take care of the rest. You pay TIKd directly, and they will cover attorney’s fees, court costs, and any fines, no matter what they are. 

The second advantage is their guarantee that you will get no points on your license. That’s huge. Having points on your license can raise your insurance premiums, so you end up paying a lot more than just the cost of the ticket. With TIKd, they are so sure of their no points guarantee that if you are left with any points at the end of the process, they will refund your money and still pay your ticket.

If the ticket is for an amount that you don’t think you can pay, TIKd will let you pay 50% now and pay the rest in 25% increments. That’s one reason why the courts love TIKd. Believe it or not, many tickets go unpaid, leading to a collections process that costs the courts and the city money. When courts work with TIKd, they know they are going to get paid.

After some serious investigation, Dale can confidently recommend TIKd to handle your traffic tickets. So don’t get ticked, get TIKd.

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