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Chick-fil-A is not my favorite meal choice, but it is one of my favorite meal destinations, and here is why. I was rounding the drive through one recent evening and caught an old obscure song on my car radio. My window was down, and the young man taking my order started singing it word for word. His joy was contagious, and it made me feel “connected.” Chick-fil-A knows how to hire people who can connect. Accordingly, people who know their “why,” as in “why am I here,” make their organizations better. For example, most school custodians do not have Direction Giver as part of their written job description. But that custodian who cheerfully not only tells but shows those lost parents where they need to go, undoubtedly makes the organization better. TrustDALE certified companies excel at hiring people who know their “why,” and therefore go above and beyond to connect. Another reason to TrustDALE!

Watch this Investigation

Today’s investigation - Romance Scams. Watch because this could happen to you!

Ask Dale

Today’s Ask Dale question comes from David, who wants to know if those “free Bahamas vacations” are truly free. Click the video for the answer.

Today's Lesson On How To Be A Savvy Consumer!

Today's seven-point lesson is on dealing with people who use emotion as a sales tool.

Fast - Do they want your money NOW? Fear of missing out is an emotional sales tool. Be aware!
Funds - Is the investment required relevant to the promised payoff? Believing you are getting an unbelievable deal is thrilling! Don’t be fooled.
Found - A person who intends to rip you off will make certain he cannot be found after he gets your money. People who intend to not be found need to work quick, and an emotional pitch is often their greatest tool.
Define -Your deal by comparing Product, Offer and Price.  Comparing these three protects you from emotional pitfalls.
Ensure - Your deal with an Ethical negotiation, an Equitable contract, and an Effective Guarantee. Emotions should be minimal considerations in these three factors. Be on the lookout for unnecessarily added emotion.
Authenticate -Your deal by requesting References, checking reviews, and reviewing watchdog reports. Again, a great safeguard against getting sold emotionally.
Legitimize -Your deal by determining if the company has a business license, liability insurance and is Lawsuit and background searched. Legitimate companies often employ emotion to sell. Just because the companies meet the legitimized standard does not mean it always plays fair.

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