TrustDALE's Three For Thursday

What’s the last industry leader you thought might never be toppled? Blockbuster Video comes to mind. Before streaming, Blockbuster was the Google of its time; arbitrarily deciding what movies you would rent by pre-selecting the titles, then playing tricks on you with their lucrative late fees (which as I recall created more revenue for the company than its check-out fees). Today, I believe AI is incredibly promising and equally dangerous. The algorithm will give us the most common response but will perhaps suppress, or simply not know the best way to describe what you’re really wanting to say. In the end, I think Chat GPT, and its competitors will advance us in communication like calculators to math. And like Blockbuster, one day Google will also be toppled. Oh, and speaking of things that last, I’d like to take a moment to thank you, our community of consumers, on this our 14th anniversary of TrustDALE!

Watch this Investigation

Today’s investigation - Stolen Shipment. What to do when your insurance doesn’t insure! Watch because this could happen to you!

Ask Dale

Today’s Ask Dale question comes from Kathy, who wants to know her options now that her cable bill has grown beyond her ability to pay it.

Today's Lesson On How To Be A Savvy Consumer!

Today's seven-point lesson is on how to weigh the value of history in the market with new opportunity.

Fast - Do they want your money NOW? Few time-tested products merits full price up front; new products, almost never.
Funds -   Is the investment required relevant to the promised payoff? Reputation that precedes purchase often escalates price. Outside of what others might think, is it worth it?
Found - A person who intends to rip you off will make certain he cannot be found after he gets your money. Years of service to the market should greatly increase confidence of findability, but don’t’ skip this step ever!
Define – Your deal by comparing Product, Offer and Price. Buying because of “name” only does not assure you of a fair deal.
Ensure - Your deal with an Ethical negotiation, an Equitable contract, and an Effective Guarantee. Companies with a deep history likely have a deep history because they work to ensure these safeguards.
Authenticate – Your deal by requesting References, checking reviews, and examining government and watchdog reports. Companies, no matter how established, should always be ready to provide 20 references. If they act offended, go elsewhere.
Legitimize - Your deal by determining if the company has a business license, liability insurance and is lawsuit and background searched. Again, companies that have stood the test of time should have no problem assisting you with these time-tested safeguards.
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