After 25 years as an investigative reporter, I became tired of telling retroactive stories of people who’d been harmed.  I decided to flip the conventional reporting model, and help people make smart decisions before they hired a company.  That promoted Dale to form the consumer research and referral website  “We serve to purposes,” Dale continues.  “We protect consumers by connecting them with good honest companies and we expose dishonest companies that intentionally harm consumers.”

Dale based his vetting process on the seven common mistakes people make when seeking a product or service provider.  “They don’t verify credentials or look at online resources that will tip them off to examples of poor delivery or outright scamming.  They want to believe a story that’s too good to be true and wind up getting burned by a contractor who will can never be found after getting the consumer’s money.” 

The TrustDALE team has been successful getting authorities to issue warrants against serial con artists who had evaded accountability by stealing money across multiple jurisdictions that didn’t share information.  When the TrustDALE team shows authorities the pattern of theft, at that point they act to protect the victims.

Dale recently codified his consumer protection advice in the book “Don’t Get Scammed, Get Smart!  Seven Simple Steps to Becoming a Savvy Consumer.”  Dale says the guidebook can save the everyday consumer as much as $10,000 if they follow the practical advice his book delivers.

TrustDALE was founded in 2009 and promoted 10 vetted companies.  Today, TrustDALE has grown to operate nationally and showcases hundreds of companies that pass our seven-point vetting process as well as commit to TrustDALE’s $10,000 Make It Right Guarantee.  “It’s the best assurance on the planet,” Dale explains. “Every company I recommend has agreed – in writing – to put me in charge of the resolution process.  A company has to be pretty confident in its ability to deliver excellence to put a true third party in charge of the results.” 

Dale's New Book:
Don't Get Scammed: Get Smart!


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