Ready for more answers for you from our TrustDALE experts? Here’s some helpful information about remodels! Remodeling and updating bathrooms or other areas of your home actually make a lot of sense now - since you're using your home so much more. Take a listen to the advice from Quality Craftsmen.

Zett Quinn joined us to share his expert thoughts. Zett’s business, Quality Craftsmen, has a long history of doing great work for its clients. Zett himself is a licensed general contractor and a structural engineer, AND he has 30 years of experience in the home remodeling industry. 

We started off by asking what services he offers through his company. Quality Craftsmen offers full remodeling services, specifically focusing on supporting seniors. They offer aging-in-place modifications and support many intergenerational families to navigate remodels that benefit the whole family. His goal? To make the home fit the way its occupants actually live in it! That can mean renovating kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and additions to improve a family’s quality of life in their home. ‘

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Zett has noticed some changes in his industry in terms of what families are looking for with remodels. Not only do Zett and his crews take health and safety precautions seriously, but they’ve noticed a change in the jobs themselves. 

With people spending more time in their homes during quarantine and many jobs moving to remote work even as restrictions have been rolled back, remodeling projects have changed. People are more interested in details instead of just “fix it “ projects. Folks are noticing the things around the house that could use a facelift, like bathrooms and kitchens that need to be fully revamped. 

Another trend Zett noticed was that with more people at home, things that had been “back-burnered” became more of a priority. Instead of pushing things off, homeowners are more interested in addressing leaks and other issues that need to be repaired and refinished. 

To help make home remodeling accessible, Zett’s company offers financing to clients. “We offer a variety of financing options to our clients,” Zett shares. “And we also offer some great discounts!”

Zett offers video chats online with clients to get projects started in a convenient way. “We really want to be a trusted advisor for our clients,” he says. “We are there to help them when they need it.”

“One of the things I really enjoy is taking something old and creating something new,” Zett says of his passion for his work. “Building something that really fits the way the family lives in the home, creating things that make the home easy to live in, and taking out incumbrances that are challenging for families, plus making places safe. We can make those changes to make a house really livable, really user-friendly, especially when you have multi-generational situations where you have young children and elderly grandparents sharing a home together.” 

Quality Craftsmen covers all of North Georgia, all the way up to the Tenessee border. Reach out for a quote for your next project today!

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