Back in late 2019, Bobby bought her granddaughter a fantastic Christmas gift. She thought it was going to make her day. But instead, it just turned into one giant headache!

A Gift Goes Missing

Bobby, who lives on a fixed income, wanted to do something really special for her granddaughter. For weeks Bobby scrimped and saved. In her words, she ate a lot of eggs, noodles, and potatoes. But after some serious saving, Bobby was able to purchase her granddaughter a Walmart gift card for $499.99. What a gift!

Bobby did the responsible thing, and before she sent the card, she took a picture of the back of the card and her receipt. And it's a good thing she did. Because after she mailed the card to her granddaughter, it vanished. Her granddaughter never received it!

No Simple Resolution

Bobby was upset that her granddaughter didn't receive her gift, but she figured she could rather easily take care of this mishap. With the information from her photos, she checked the status of her gift card. Thankfully, the full amount was still on the card. At least no one had stolen and used the gift card. What a relief! So she took the next obvious step and contacted Walmart.

Bobby first asked if the card could be canceled and the money transferred to a new card. At first, she was told that couldn't be done, so she asked if they could at least put a freeze on the card. It took six weeks, but eventually, a Walmart employee was able to freeze the funds on the card. But she still needed a new card. $500 was a lot of money to vanish. So Bobby kept going with Walmart.

Broken Promises

Eventually, Bobby was able to get in touch with someone who told her he could help. They would send her an incident number. And then all she had to do was to send in her photos of the card and the receipt. She got the incident number, attached the photos, and got a response saying the information was received. Now she could go back to the Walmart where she purchased her card, purchase a new card, and transfer the funds. It seemed like she would finally get what she needed.

But when Bobby got to the Walmart, she was disappointed. She called and spoke to a supervisor who told her that she had been given the wrong information. They could not cancel her card or transfer the funds. Now she was right back where she started, with no one to help her. That's when she called TrustDALE.

Dale Gets It Done!

We got Bobby's message about all she had been through, and we were really upset about how she had been treated. One of our producers took her photos and got in touch with someone at Walmart's public affairs division. We are proud to report that Walmart is now reissuing the $499.99 card to Bobby so that she can send it to her granddaughter. Success!

At TrustDALE, we have found that large corporations usually want to do what's right. The trick is finding the right people to talk to. We are so happy that we could help Bobby, and look forward to helping more people like her.

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