One of the most prized and desirable features in a home is outdoor living space. In fact, many surveys show that new home buyers rate outdoor living space as the most influential part of any house—that’s even higher than the ratings for another favorite feature, the open floor plan. So if you want to increase the value of your home, or just enjoy your outdoor space more, creating outdoor living spaces is the way to go. Homeowners are adding outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, even outdoor rooms. But nothing approaches the year-round comfort of a sunroom from Betterliving Sunrooms.

What a Sunroom Is (and Isn’t)

A sunroom is a space that bridges the indoors and the outdoors. Unlike a covered patio or porch, a sunroom is a fully enclosed space. But don’t confuse it with just another room in your house. With floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, a sunroom has all the benefits of the outdoors—gorgeous views of your backyard or property, streaming sunlight, a connection to nature—with all the comforts of the indoors.

A sunroom can be treated as an indoor room because it is protected from the elements. You can install any furnishings you would in the rest of your house. A sunroom can be used for dining, entertaining, relaxing, or as a play space for children. You can do anything you would do indoors, but feel like you’re outdoors.

A sunroom is not a covered patio or porch. It is not an outdoor room in the sense that landscapers often use the term. When you are in a sunroom, you are completely protected from bugs, rain, or the elements. No need for outdoor furniture or bug spray. This is the outdoors indoors.

Three-Season and Four-Season Sunrooms

A three-season sunroom can be enjoyed on all but the coldest days. While it is protected from the elements, it is still basically a glass room. So in the dead of winter, a three-season sunroom can get pretty chilly.

A four-season sunroom is built with insulated glass. That allows the room to be heated and cooled like the rest of your house, for year-round comfort.

Both three-season and four-season sunrooms from Betterliving Sunrooms come with a 50-year warranty. You will never have to worry about the sunrooms they build.

Screen Rooms

In addition to sunrooms, Betterliving builds screen rooms. A screen room is enclosed with screen instead of glass. While it won’t protect you quite as well from the elements—there is a roof, but no glass to stop pounding rain—it allows you to really be outdoors without worrying about pests. You’ll get the warm breeze, the sounds of nature, and everything you would experience outdoors, but without ever thinking about mosquitoes or other pests. That’s a great benefit here in the Southeast, where we have some of the most active mosquito populations in the country. A screen room could be an enclosed porch or patio, or a whole new addition to your home.

Screen rooms are also available with retracting screens so that you can choose when you want your space screened in and when you want it open.

Betterliving screen rooms are built of high-quality extruded aluminum and a roof system, both backed by a 15-year transferable warranty.

Solar Shades

If your sunroom or screen room is in a spot that gets direct sunlight, you may want to install a Betterliving solar shade. Solar shades rang from nearly transparent to opaque and can block the sun to prevent glare and heat. Three-season sunrooms capture the heat of the sun to stay comfortable from early spring to late fall. But if you’re worried about extra heat in the summer, a solar shade may be the perfect solution.

You can get solar shades for any room of your house. Betterliving also sells motorized solar shades that can be raised or lowered just by pushing a button.

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