We recently ran a two-part Special TrustDALE Investigation into the indoor air quality crisis facing American homes. Amazingly, despite over 50 years of careful regulation of outdoor air quality, there is almost no government regulation of indoor air quality. That’s despite the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency itself has concluded that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors on a daily basis. The lack of regulation is a large-scale problem requires attention at the highest levels. But at the individual level, homeowners and renters can do a lot to protect their own homes.

If you plan on buying a new home, it is essential that you have the home inspected by a reliable home inspector who can test for mold and radon to keep your family safe. That’s why we are excited to welcome Sound Structure Home Inspection to the TrustDALE circle of excellence. When you work with Sound Structure Home Inspection, you will get the highest-quality home inspection that you can rely on, thanks to Dales intensive 7-point investigative review.

Construction Experience

There are lots of home inspectors out there. Many of them hold some sort of inspection certification. However, very few of them are also experienced builders. What this leads to is many home inspections that end of with a home inspector’s report that recommends further research by a contractor or tradesperson for every problem they find. If the inspector is going to hand off every issue to a skilled technician, why bother with the inspection in the first place?

Sound Structure Home Inspection is run by experienced builders who hold certifications in universal refrigeration and HVAC systems, in addition to their multiple inspection certifications. That kind of real-world experience helps Sound Structure Home Inspection to spot and understand problems that less experienced inspectors might miss or just don’t understand.

Besides their experience, Sound Structure Home Inspection has an advantage when it comes to their detailed and thorough work ethic. Many mold inspectors are satisfied with a basic test for mold and the suggestion to hire someone else to find the source and deal with the problem. At Sound Structure Home Inspection, their inspectors don’t just test for mold, they go the extra mile to find the source. And they don’t hesitate to inspect those hard-to-reach spots like tight crawl spaces or dark basement corners.

The Latest Technology

If you’re going to be the most thorough mold inspectors out there, you’re going to need some help. That’s why Sound Structure Home Inspection uses the latest technology to help them uncover what they can’t see with their own eyes. They use drone technology to view your house from above. If a space is too tight to crawl into, they’ll send in a robot equipped to send back still images and video. And Sound Structure Home Inspection looks for what the human eye can’t see with their infrared cameras, extending their vision to see the whole picture.

If you plan on purchasing a home, or if you just want to make sure your home is healthy for you, your pets, and your family, no one beats the experience and work ethic of Sound Structure Home Inspection. If you’ve read our blog before, you know that TrustDALE recommends doing your research on any service provider before you hire them. In this case, we’ve made it easy by subjecting Sound Structure Home Inspection to Dale’s intensive 7-point investigative review. 

Based on our review, we’ve determined that Sound Structure Home Inspection is a great company to work with, providing the best value in both service and pricing. And as with every business in the TrustDALE circle of excellence, Sound Structure Home Inspection is backed by Dales trademark $10,000 Make-it-Right Guarantee™.

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