Here at TrustDALE, we believe in making it right. In fact, it’s what we are all about. We believe that consumers deserve real, honest, quality services and products. And if there is ever a problem, we expect businesses and vendors to make it right. But we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk with every TrustDALE certified vendor.

Making It Right for Consumers

Dale started his career as an investigative journalist. Over the years he covered a wide range of consumer advocacy stories. In his investigative role, he was able to uncover plenty of bad actors. And while it was helpful to warn other consumers to stay away from shady businesses, Dale noticed that one thing was still missing. He could nab a crooked business, but what about the original consumer? He felt that his job was incomplete because his investigative role didn’t include making the customer whole again.

That’s one reason why Dale started TrustDALE. Dale doesn’t just want to catch the bad guys. He wants them to make it right for their customers.

Making Customers Whole Again

We’ve nabbed plenty of crooked businesses, vendors, and service providers over the years. And while we’re glad we can expose these hucksters, what we really pride ourselves on how we help out the customer who was wronged.

Often, a customer has spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars, only to find that the goods or services they got were not what they expected. In some cases, customers have lost money or had property damaged. In other instances, well-meaning consumers have paid for services and never received them.

Making it right, for us at TrustDALE, means getting the customer back where they want to be. Sometimes that means getting their money back. In other cases, it may mean repairing damage or even replacing the goods or services they thought they had already paid for. Usually, we manage to encourage the offending companies to make it right, but sometimes, it just isn’t enough.

The $10,000 Make It Right Guarantee™

When you use a vendor you find on, we want you to be fully confident that you will be made whole if something goes wrong. To make sure of it, every TrustDALE certified business agrees in writing to abide by the TrustDALE Make It Right Guarantee™.

When you hire a TrustDALE certified vendor, you are doing business with a company that already has excellent customer service, top-of-the-line warranties, and highly competitive pricing. But even when everyone is honestly trying to do what’s right, issues can arise.

If you have an issue with a business you hired via a link on the TrustDALE website—alternatively, you can register your purchase on the TrustDALE website within 24 of your purchase—the first step is to follow the procedures the business has set up to handle complaints. These are businesses Dale would do business with himself, and more often than not they are happy to make it right on their own.

If you have gone through the vendor’s resolution and you still aren’t satisfied, Dale’s $10,000 Make It Right Guarantee™ has your back. The certified company you are working with has already agreed in writing to let Dale—or a third-party expert of his choosing—investigate the customer’s claim. And if the investigation shows the complaint to be valid, the company is contractually obligated to follow Dale’s resolution. Making it right means the vendor will repair or replace the product, hire a third party to make the repairs, or reimburse you for the defective product, up to the entire amount you paid in the first place.

Finally, if the company just won’t follow Dale’s recommendation, TrustDALE themselves will cover you for up to $10,000.

You can find the full details of the Make It Right Guarantee™ here.

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