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8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Antioch, TN, Goodlettsville, TN, Hermitage, TN, Joelton, TN, Madison, TN, Old Hickory, TN, Whites Creek, TN, Nashville, TN ...show more

Antioch, TN, Goodlettsville, TN, Hermitage, TN, Joelton, TN, Madison, TN, Old Hickory, TN, Whites Creek, TN, Nashville, TN

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Turf Clips

322 Elmington Ave

Nashville TN, 37205

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Turf Clips is your lawn care maintenance service company.  Since 2003, they have been providing lawn maintenance services which include mowing, bed mulching and maintenance, bush trimming, leaf removal & mulching, etc.  At Turf Clips, they like to make lawn mowing easy for homeowners which is why they provide you with lawn maintenance services tailored to your needs. Their range of services includes both weekly and biweekly mowing plans.


Customers may choose between having Turf Clips mow their lawn on a weekly or biweekly basis.  They can also opt for a one-time job.  Monthly invoicing is available for regular customers.  Payment may be made via credit card or check–whatever is best or easiest for you.  When you call them, you can be sure you will never have to pay for services that aren’t required, nor will you see your lawn waste away due to a lack of proper care. 


Perfection is what Turf Clips aims for, when it comes to Lawn Care.  Their lawn trimming process has been designed with great care for the health and happiness of your grass. This is why they mow 3-4 inches at a time, in order to help nurture the lawn to become more drought-tolerant and looking lush throughout the year. For a truly thorough lawn mowing job, they recommend mulching to our clients – their method makes use of mulching mowers that return nutrients (grass clippings) to the soil as a free source of organic matter.


The team at Turf Clips consists of trained professionals that will trim your grass just the right way, with mower blades that are always sharp, so that the grass doesn’t tear away and becomes vulnerable to infections. The professionals at Turf Clips are consummate professionals when it comes to lawn maintenance. Their technicians have been trained to look for all the details, as there’s nothing they value more than their clients’ satisfaction.

If you want your walkways, pathways, and driveways to look their best, hire Turf Clips. They will make sure to keep them clean regardless of the season or weather conditions. They will clear up debris, leaves, and grass clippings by blowing off the hard surfaces on your lawn, be they concrete or other types of pavement. Because they firmly believe that a properly manicured lawn is the business card of any property, their team will also carefully edge around the hard surfaces.

Warranty Details

Turf Clips guarantees that you will be satisfied with their work. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply contact them, and they will do whatever it takes to ensure your 100% satisfaction!

Consumer Testimonials

Alex runs the best lawn care service I have seen in years ! Does real lawn care - has over 15 years of hard experience and uses the latest non toxic products we all need! I have tried several different companies and Turf clips has proved to be the best hands down. Alex really cares about his customers and is always available to hear me out.
– Luke T.
Turf Clips have now been doing my yard for 2 summers and I like their work. They always lock my gate after entering and lock and close it after they leave. I have two small dogs. They normally come out with two workers and do the whole job in less than 30 minutes. I would hire them for leaf removal, but that was too much on the cost. Alex does do the flower beds and hedge clipping each year too and it is easy to get a quote from him. They will let you pay via mail and check or credit card, call-in or on their records. They send a invoice out before they charge the card and they will let you know prior to the charge being taken. It is what your comfortable with.
– Virginia S
A special thank you to Alex and his fabulous crew for all of their hard work, time and effort that they contribute toward my landscaping and lawn care service. I have yet to meet any other lawn care provider whose staff goes above and beyond to meet my expectations. Turf Clips has continued to offer quality workmanship, excellent curb appeal, and a number of services including organic mosquito and chigger control, which is amazing, considering my non love of insects! Besides beautifying the area, and making all of the neighbors jealous, I can honestly say Alex has been extremely pleasant to work with. His lines of communication are always clear, he's very responsive, and available no matter the weather! During my very busy schedule, I really appreciate that Alex and his workers are timely, meticulous, clean, and do a quality job. I couldn't be happier with the service Turf Clips has provided. I will continue to use Turf Clips for all of my landscaping and lawn care needs and highly recommend Alex and his awesome team to anyone who's looking for a job well done!!
– Amber B.
Excellent service. Alex delivers consistent and professional lawn care to our home. Always mowed on time, organic weeding and mosquito removal plus they even trimmed my hedges well too. I like the easy billing via credit card, and I never worry about dogs getting out with his "locked gate" promise. Highly recommended.
– John K.
Alex and his crew are the best! I turned over my Green Hills yard to them and never had to think about maintenance again. The grass was mowed on schedule, edges were trimmed, and every surrounding surface was left neat and clean. When fall arrived and leaves were everywhere, they cleaned my gutters, dealt with mountains of leaves, and set me up to cruise through winter. They shaped my shrubs, kept the bushes from annoying my neighbor, and even trimmed tree branches when they grew over the house. I could not have been more pleased and have recommended them to everyone I know. Having just moved, I've already talked with Alex about treating the new yard for annoying bugs. Turf Clips will always care for my green space. They are on time, fairly priced, easy to work with, and do a fantastic job. Thanks, Alex!!
– Lisa P.
Love the service and the dedication to organic, safe products. Alex obviously works very hard to provide great customer service to his clients. I worked for him last summer and believe me he has a no nonsense approach to delivering excellence. Blistering heat, withering sun, or torrential rain will not keep Turfclips from being the safest most reliable lawn care business in the Nashville area. Since then I have referred him every chance I get and he always garners rave reviews for his sharp punctuality, and the attention to detail that he puts into everything he does.
– C LA
A cut above the rest! Alex and his team have consistently proven to be dedicated to their work; professional, timely, and reliable every step of the way. Even on my small property they make me feel like a VIP customer. The organic, family-safe products are great, but the level of care and precision is equally as important to me. The value of having a professional and safe service has made me happy I chose to place my yard’s livelihood in the hands of Alex and his team. They continue to prove they are worth working with.
– Robb M.
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